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About Us

Dine in the romantic mansion that Captain Ebeneezer Linnell built for his bride in 1840. With a sprawling lawn and gardens filled with wisteria and lavender, this stately home is a favorite spot for Cape Cod wedding receptions and rehearsal dinners. The restaurant serves dinner nightly from 5pm. Off the beaten path and just a short walk to Skaket Beach, the location is secluded and romantic. Stately gardens with a gazebo offer the perfect private and romantic setting for garden wedding ceremonies.

Under the ownership of the Conways, the historic Captain Linnell House seems to have found the tender loving care this venerable building needed to restore it to its rightful place as one of the Cape Cod’s most distinguished dining spots. Bill and Shelly Conway, a couple with visionary imagination and big hearts took on this neglected building with total commitment to restoring it to its former grandeur. After 28 years of hard work, the building has been restored to its former glory as a clipper-ship captain’s mansion.

Chef-Owner Bill Conway laid the groundwork for his culinary accolades the traditional way by apprenticing to a classically trained chef. Bill has been featured in Gourmet magazine, the New York Times, Yankee Magazine’s Travel Guide. “Great American food, ” is how he describes his own variations on his classical training. Zagats has rated the Captain Linnell House as exceptional – its highest ranking.

The Captain Linnell House offers an intimate setting for your cape cod wedding reception, cape cod outdoor wedding, beach wedding and garden wedding ceremony , rehearsal dinner, family event or corporate functions. The chef will work with you on your menu so that your guests, and you, will consider your wedding “the best”. Near Skaket Beach (great for photos) and with a gazebo garden for ceremonies or cocktail parties, this acclaimed restaurant is the “real” Cape Cod.

History of
The Captain Linnell House

Captain Eben Linnell, the original owner, was born in 1811 on Barley Neck Road, Orleans. He lived a full and adventurous life until he died at sea off the coast of Brazil in 1864 when a tropical storm pinned him against his ships wheel. It’s been said that the captain was unequaled among American ship masters for native ability, energy, and shrewdness.

From the bygone era of stately clipper ships, one of the Captain’s many world-ranging speed records still stands. In 1855, he raced his most famous ship, the Massachusetts-built Eagle Wing from London to Hong Kong in 83 1/2 days. Captain Linnell was also famous as an inventor. He devised an improved top-sail rig, which was patented and incorporated in the design of 64 ships.

He still found time for two great love affairs in his lifetime. The first was with the beautiful Rebecca Crosby who became his bride in 1835. The Captain had a Cape Codder built for her on the present site of the Captain Linnell House, which at one point consisted of 35 acres of open land along 400 feet of the Cape Cod Bay shore. There they had three daughters. In France in 1850, he fell in love again. This time with a French-designed, neo-classic villa built for a shipping agent friend in Marseilles. The Captain brought back the plans to America and soon began building an exact replica of the villa for his family.

He also brought back furniture and fittings for the house from Europe and the Orient, and it seems he was preparing to fully enjoy his mansion’s grandeur but in another of the endless ironies of the sea, he told his family that the voyage that took his life would be his last.

The house still carries the heritage of the clipper master’s personality and reflects his worldliness, inventiveness and taste. We hope to preserve this legacy, and our plans include continuing the restoration of the Captain Linnell House. We’re delighted that it’s regarded as one of Cape Cod’s important historical sites.